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Our HIstory

Durand Improvement Group (DIG) started in 1964 under the name of Durand Commercial Club. The initial directors were Kenneth McMahon, Joseph Brenner Jr, Sig Weiss Jr, and Eugene Bauer.


The original purpose of the Durand Commercial Club was to, "strengthen the general commercial welfare of the City of Durand by the promotion of industrial and commercial development, encouraging the greater utilization of its resources, and to assist in the service to its people.


In June 1964, the Durand Commercial Club sponsored the very first Durand FunFest, which took place June 25 - 28, 1964. Durand FunFest is still a staple of community entertainment to this day.

In 2009, the Durand Commercial Club changed its name to the Durand Improvement Group (DIG) and adopted a new partnership with the City of Durand to carry out activities such as Music in the Park, FunFest, Dazzle Day, and the Flower Baskets on Main Street. Over the years, DIG has helped sponsor the Durand Area Garage sales as well as Trunk or Treat.


Today, DIG has two subcommittees: Durand FunFest and the Durand Dog Park. 


The events and projects that we provide are the main attractions offered by the City of Durand. Our strictly volunteer group, with the support of the Mayor of Durand and the City Council, along with generous sponsorships, allows us to give our local businesses, schools, and community the general well-being and appearance of the city.

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